Here at Think Branding, we understand that humans are emotional beings & the right branding + web design can greatly impact a business’ success.

Allow us to use our expertise to create a home for your brand!

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You Are an Expert, Killin' it

in Your Biz!

You've been making sales + taking names, but you know it's time for a level up. You're hesitant to increase your pricing or send your site to those who you know are willing to pay good money for your services because you feel like your branding isn't up to par with your services & as for your messaging, it doesn't quite exist. You've been a DIYer for quite some time now, but you know it's time for an upgrade with professional help. Before you beat yourself up for waiting so long to take action, understand that it's totally fine to feel this way, you're not alone! I've helped many service providers overcome these obstacles + I'm ready for you next! Together, we can make magic✨!

So this is what I'm thinking - Ditch the DIY + hire an expert (*cough 👋🏽 me cough*) who knows how to create the profit-producing brand of your dreams! Isn't it time you focused on your offers and true area of expertise + left the rest of it to someone else?



Here's Why You Should Hire a Pro Instead

DIY doesn't show up for your audience

When you aren’t building your brand strategically with your dream client in mind, you’re doing both you and your audience a disservice. How are they going to see you as the expert that you are & utilize your services if you aren’t reaching them with your messaging + design? 

Pretty Doesn't Convert

Strategic Does!

Pretty brand collateral + websites don’t convert, strategic ones do. Trust me! Your branding should resonate with your audience & your website should act as your silent business partner at all times.  Imagine your website helping you triple your income while doing less work✨ #goals!

Let’s be honest, you started your biz for financial freedom & more time to do all the things you love with the people you love, so why doesn’t it feel that way? Stretching yourself thin tends to have that affect! By hiring a branding expert (like me ✋🏽) to create a cohesive & strategic brand for you, the freedom you desire will be closer than you ever imagined!

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It's time for you to spend less time working & more time focusing on the things you love!

Meet Your Brand Designer + Strategist


Hi, I’m Stacey. The founder of Think Branding Co. - a holistic branding studio. With over 15 years of design experience, 4 years of professional branding experience, + a laundry list of satisfied clients, you could say I know a thing or two about branding!

I think it's time to take back what's yours - the time, money, energy - all of it!


By working with me, you won’t only generate more income from your biz, you’ll confidently show up for your dream clients as your most authentic self every time. You’ll be able to flaunt a brand that reflects your mission + values to clients that are ready to pay you top dollar for your offerings, what more could you dream of ?!


& The best part of it all? You’ll position yourself to start relaxing and enjoying all of the things that you wanted to do when you started your business to begin with!

Light and Shadow

Let's transform your brand into a revenue generating machine with a visual identity that your people will rave about!

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Are You Ready to Confidently Show Up for Your Clients?


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On-going Design Support

If your business requires monthly design support, our retainer service is just the thing for you! Your hours are guaranteed every month so you won’t need to worry about hiring a new designer for every project!

Visual Brand Identity

In need of a full brand identity? I'm talking all the way from your logo down to brand pattern & more? With a VIP day, your needs and your needs alone are our focus so you're the center of attention! This is perfect for the service provider who needs #allthethings in a short period of time!

Complete Brand Transformation

Transform your biz with complete brand strategy/design, web development & content strategy in our 3 month “Brand Metamorphosis” package! Your new brand business partner awaits 😉!

Not sure where to start? Contact us to schedule your free 15 minute consult!

Client  Love

check out what my my amazing clients are saying!

Referrals are the best way to show your faith in someone’s work and their ability. I have referred Stacey to a barrage of clients ranging from attorneys, artists, educators, small business owners, celebrities and more. She is impeccable and she can translate your vision into a unique logo or design. I’ve had Stacey create over 25 projects for me in a span of a year!  She has created logos, press kits, sponsorship decks, Snapchat filters, Social media ads and more. She has also worked remotely with clients who had strict deadlines to fulfill. She’s professional, precise and prompt. I will refer her work to anyone! She’s just amazing!




Got Questions About Branding Your Biz?


Not sure where to begin on your branding journey? No worries, I've created this FREE booklet to help you understand + create a roadmap for yourself before you begin your branding journey! Hit the link below to grab your free download!