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brand touchpoints

brand touchpoints

investment starts at $100


a brand touchpoint is any element of your brand that your audience comes in contact with! this can range from your social media presence to your business cards, packaging, and more! take a look below to see all of our brand touchpoint offerings.

+ brochure/pamphlet design - do you offer a service? we can hook you up with some clean designs for your next info-rich brochure design!
investment - $150 for up to 6 pages

+ flyer & poster design - taking this marketing thing seriously? we've got you covered with digital flyer and poster designs to plaster your brand all over the place!
investment - $100

+ business cards, thank you cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards - need a card made? look no further, we'll create the perfect card to leave lasting impressions on your people!
investment - $100

+ stickers - these bad boys can be used to send to clients as a little gift or used to secure packages as well as keep tissue paper together!
investment - $100 for up to 6 stickers

+ patterned images - speaking of tissue paper, patterned images are perfect for uploading to your favorite packaging site to create custom box opening experiences for your clients and customers!
investment - $100

+ packaging design - do you have a physical product? let us create the perfect packaging for you! we can design mailers, boxes, bottles, tubes, packaging inserts, clothing swing tags, and much more!
investment - starts at $150

+ social media templates - we'll set you up with some templates to get your businesses pages looking cohesive & help you share information and photos with your audience
investment - starts at $150 for 3 assets

+ branded assets and graphics - some clients use illustrations and icons to help their audience connect with their brands, we'll create some for you if that's the path you're looking to go down
investment - $100 for 3 icons/illustrations

+ e-book & physical book formatting/design - e-books and physical books are the perfect way to show your people that you mean business; inquire about our book designing process to get started with yours today! *illustrations not included*
investment - starting at $500

+ promotional decks/presentations - put your best foot forward and showcase your business in the best light with your very own promotional decks/presentations!
investment - starting at $500 for up to 15 pages

not included

*please inquire for specific non-inclusions*


timeline - varies based on project type

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