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stacey walker


My name is Stacey Walker, but online I go by Stacey Jay (from the first letter of my maiden name)! I have a passion for helping others reach their goals & I'm beyond grateful to be able to change lives through my work each and every day!

I have been designing for over 17 years as a hobby , but turned it into a career that I've been passionately pursuing for the last 7 years! My clients have ranged from small business owners to some start-up tech companies! Each project - no matter how big or small is an honor to work on + I'll never get tired of the feeling I get when I help a business owner create the brand of their dreams!

Although I've been designing for like FOREVER - I actually completed my bachelors degree at Stony Brook University in Health Care Informatics (along the lines of building databases for hospitals). I even worked in a hospital for 9 months after I graduated. Somehow, I became surrounded with others who were pursuing their passions + before I knew it I was taking the leap of faith & quitting my 9-5 to pursue my business full throttle! Ever since, I've been using my gifts to help others do the same & I must say, it feels great!

When I'm not working on building brands, I'm spending time with my husband and toddler either traveling the world going for a nice walk or bike ride through the wilderness or being foodies at the nearest eatery!

Aside from design, I have a couple of other hobbies! Firstly, I'm a self-published author - in my self-guided journal, Just You and I, I use my relationship & our system of communication to help others navigate their own relationships! It's available, here, on Amazon!

Secondly, I travel, like a lot! My husband and I have traveled to 6 of the 7 continents and hope to someway, somehow, check Antarctica off of our list someday! 

I love meeting new people, so if you're reading this, shoot me an email with a few fun facts about yourself and your biggest obstacle when it comes to branding your business! My email is! I'd love to hear from you!


joshua walker


Hello Beautiful People, I'm Joshua! I’m a proud father & also a proud Stacey’s Husband.


I’ve dedicated the past 10+ years of my life to giving back to youth within underserved communities.


Now-a-days, I like to see myself as the silent behind-the-scenes partner of Think Branding Co. I make sure that everything is working smoothly on the back end of Think. Ensuring our marketing strategy is connecting us with the clients we can best serve, sending out progress updates, emailing invoices….pretty much any and everything that has nothing to do with designing. --- Haha, I leave that to the professionals … (aka, Stacey).


When I’m not working, I’m hanging with my son, taking family biking expeditions and learning all that I possibly can about health and wellness.


If you’re a health nut like me, shoot us an email with your favorite healthy recipe along with how you see your business growing within the next year!


kai walker


Hi everyone, my name is Kai. Mommy and Daddy think they run things, but I'm the real boss baby around here! 

My favorite things to do are eat fresh fruit, run around the pool and backyard, play with my toys and jump on my trampoline and overall have lots of fun hanging out with my mommy and daddy! 

If you think their work is cool and want to upgrade your branding, i definitely think you should reach out to them, you'll be in great hands, like me!

professional experience*

brand + web designer | creative strategist      

Think Branding Co. [2016 - present]

digital designer   

Teads [apr 2022 - aug 2022]

BLK Academy [2017 - 2019]

apparel designer brand + web designer | creative strategist 

Avenue Music Group [2016 - 2020]

brand + web designer | creative strategist 

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