You've spent the last few months perfecting your offer, the last thing you want to do is to wait another 4 months for a full brand transformation. With our VIP Day, we'll get you everything you need in just a few days!

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An Entire Day Dedicated to You!

Give your brand a little TLC with your very own VIP Day! We'll dedicate an entire working day to developing a new identity, creating supporting brand collateral, or building a website, sales page, or landing page for your biz! 

By the end of your VIP Day, you'll leave with the feeling of confidence + satisfaction ready to show off your sparkly✨ new brand!

What to Expect During Your VIP Day!

Your VIP Day can go one of 3 ways, just let us know which sounds best for your needs!

Brand Identity & Supporting Collateral


You’re pressed for time, but you need a new brand identity and you need it now. With your Brand Identity VIP Day, you’ll receive a new brand identity (logo, secondary logo, color pallete , the works!), supporting marketing collateral, a digital brand book, & more!

Website/Sales Page



Imagine working less while having a website that works overtime for you. With a Web Design VIP Day, it’s all possible! Before we begin, you’ll choose between a sales page/landing page or a 5 page website that we’ll develop for you to attract all of your dream clients!

Digital Marketing



Your marketing is just as important to us as it is to you! Let us create beautiful graphics for you to use & reuse wherever and whenever you need them! Some examples of graphics we can create for you are Instagram feed/story templates, course graphics, presentations / proposals, and more.


Your VIP Day Timeline

After you complete your application + get accepted for your VIP Day, you will sign your contract + pay your deposit to secure your booking! We'll then schedule your Vision Session to speak about what the expectations of your VIP Day are! During the 4-6 week period before your big day, you will have the time to take brand photos + complete your brand work booklet so everything will be ready for your VIP Day!

This is when we’ll have our Vision Session! During our call, we will discuss #allthethings you’ll need for your VIP Day including brand goals, mission, vision, etc.! If you chose a Web Design VIP Day, I will begin wire-framing for you to create your copy for & shoot brand photos around so that your site is everything you’ve ever dreamed of on your VIP Day!

4 - 6 Weeks Before the Big Day

3 - 5 Weeks Before the Big Day

The entire day is dedicated to YOU! I’ll spend my time developing your brand identity, collateral, or website & at the end of the day, you will receive all of your deliverables! You’ll be left with the feeling of satisfaction knowing that your brand identity is amaze-balls & your clients will be fawning over it!

On the Big Day(s)!


The Details + FAQ's

What's the investment for my VIP Day?

Brand Design + Marketing Collateral VIP Days are $3,000 and Web Design VIP Days are $4,000.

What can I expect after my VIP Day is complete?

After your VIP Day has been completed, you will receive 30 days of support. During this time, you'll be able to share any questions or concerns you have about your deliverables! Support doesn't include additional design work or revisions, but if you need any additional materials, you'll have the option to book an additional 1/2 or full VIP Day or a retainer!

Are there any other investments I need to make?

Yes! For your web design VIP Day, brand photography + site copy must be provided before your VIP Day takes place. If you are unable to attain both your copy + photography before your VIP Day, it will be rescheduled based on availability on our calendar. Please inquire with us about recommendations for both photography and copywriting if you are having trouble hiring someone, we'd be more than happy to help!

Isn't my VIP Day just one day? Why will it take a few days?

The way our VIP day works is that it's 24 full hours (+ a little extra for Web Design VIP Days). Since we wouldn't be functional if we spent 24 hours working without food or sleep, we ensure that all of those hours are put towards working for you by spreading them across a 1-3 days. When we say you're a priority, we mean it!