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7 Helpful Tips for Crushing Your Goals!

Crushing your goals is no small feat! Sure, some people make it look sooo easy, but that may because they’ve spent years and years disciplining themselves and what you see now is just the fruits of their labor spilling through. The other half of folks could potentially be faking it for the gram, but who knows, all that matters is that you’re here in this very moment taking the first step to start living your best life!

So, how do you start crushing your goals despite living a super chaotic, seemingly crazy life? Start by following the step-by-step guide that I’ve outlined below!


I do not guarantee that following my outline will produce the desired results you’re looking for, but that’s all up to you. Keep scrolling if you’d like to become the best version of yourself!

Can we just pause for a moment to remember all of the amazing contributions Spongebob made to our childhood?

*Sigh* .. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program!

1.) Get your mind right -Your Mindset is Everything!

How do you get your mindset right or ready? Honestly, I’m still figuring this one out day-to-day, but what I’ve realized are the following facts:

  • I will never be perfect & that’s okay

  • I will always have 1,000 reasons why I CAN’T do something, whether it be my chronic illness (PCOS), my depression, anxiety, or whatever else it may be, but what I CAN do is focus my energy on encouraging and motivating myself on a daily basis. To do this, I remind myself that there are people who have it worse than me who would love to be in my shoes. I think of all my privileges like being able to see, hear, walk, run, and so much more with ease. There are so many things that I CAN do, so why do I dwell on the things that I consider obstacles when I could utilize my strengths to encourage me?

  • Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. Why is this? Think about it.. how likely are you going to try your best to accomplish something if you already have the pre-meditated notion in your head that you’re going to fail? I think if more people believed in themselves, they’d be able to push themselves harder to accomplish their goals because they already have the mindset to accomplish anything they set their mind to. All of the greats have this mentality, it’s about time you aligned yourself with them!

2.) Be honest with yourself

Up until recently, I didn’t realize how important it was to be honest with yourself. I have to give all the credit to my babe, my butt butt, the love of my life, my boyfriend, and whatever other name-of-the-day I give him, Joshua Walker. It wasn’t until he created an entire chart for me to grade myself that I finally understood that I wasn’t being honest with myself. Let me give you some background info..

One day, Josh and I got into a little squabble because I was complaining that I hadn’t seen any results from hitting the gym and eating healthy and he honestly told me that I wasn’t giving 100%. He wasn’t telling me that I needed to give 100%, he was just saying that I can’t really say that I’m giving it my all if I’m not. At the time, I swore I was giving 18765% at the gym and to eating healthy. When I tell you that his chart humbled me.. wheww!

So what is this chart anyway?

The chart had 5 different criteria listed on it and the grading scale was from 1-5. The criterion (is this even a word?) was: water consumption, working out, eating healthy, consistency, and — I can’t remember the last one, but it was good stuff, I promise! The grading chart pretty much went from 1, being little to no effort to 5, being I’m perfect, you can’t tell me nothin’.

Guess where I landed.. I was at a two for most of the categories guys.. A freaking 2! And here I was thinking I was all 5’s! As healthy and athletic as he is, he wasn’t even at a 5. It was time to do some heavy self reflecting after this new found knowledge.

With that being said, when was the last time you were brutally honest with yourself? Maybe you need an outside ear, if you do, Josh is your guy!

Shameless plug: if you’re a music artist (musician, singer, rapper, etc.), contact Josh for a pay-as-you-please consult, available for a limited time only! He’s great at what he does & even has a music artist assessment so that you can see where you’re at within your music career! Click here to begin: AMG Artist Assessment

3.) Create your plan!

This one is pretty self explanatory. Create a plan for your goals! Be sure to list as many categories as possible from mindset & health goals to relationship & financial goals, Follow the steps below to ensure you’re creating a solid plan:

  1. Write down your goal. It’s important to write your goals into existence rather than keep them in a note on your phone. Don’t get me wrong, you can do both (I sure do), but writing them is what makes them more real!

  2. Write down where you currently are with that goal.

  3. Lastly, write down what you will do to get there.

Example time! Here is a suggestion for how you could structure your plans!

Goal: Become purple

Where I’m at: I am green

How to become purple: Drink purple juice every day for 3 months

Simpler steps to becoming purple:

  • Buy purple juice mix every week from grocery store

  • Follow recipe for purple juice

  • Drink 3 cups of purple juice per day for 3 months

4.) Keep Track of your Progress Weekly, if not Daily!

Why should you keep track of your progress? Looking over your progress shows areas of growth, it shows where you can improve, & it serves as a constant reminder of your of your goals as a whole! Personally, in the past, I’ve been able to lose 50 pounds in 5 months simply by keeping track of my progress. It felt good to see the number go down every week, it showed that my persistence and consistency were paying off! Reviewing my goals daily reminded me of what I was working towards and helped me to accomplish them! If little ole full-of-excuses me could do it, so can you! Utilize a journal or even a journaling app to help you keep track of your goals, don’t forget to review your progress at least once a week.

5.) Find an Accountability Partner!

Accountability comes in all shapes and sizes. For me, I have my boyfriend, and the little fire emoji that shows my streaks on my journaling app as well as my brain game apps when I haven’t missed a day! There are even some apps that you can utilize that will pay you for reaching your goal! I feel like incentives can even be considered accountability partners! How? Well, say you allow yourself a treat for every 10 days of healthy eating, if you mess up, you have to do 100 pushups and burps for 3 days straight - your incentive is holding you accountable for eating healthy! Would you rather a delicious treat every 10 days or 100 pushups & burpees 3 days in a row? Yea, I thought so.

6.) Small Hiccups are Okay! You’re Only Human!

If you mess up, it’s okay! You don’t even have to wait until tomorrow to do better. Acknowledge that you made a mistake and move forward with your day knowing that you can still stay on track. We’re all human, just do your best! I have had the issue of throwing the whole day away if I start off on the wrong foot, but instead of this, these days I keep in mind that I am just a human being and I can’t be a robot and be perfect all day long!

7.) Consistency is Key. Periodt.

The only thing that ever keeps us from reaching our goals is the lack of positive consistency. This is the lack of consistency in wanting to grow, wanting more out of life, and just the overall want to be better people for future generations in general.

Me to me: Stacey, can you show us two examples of consistency? One being bad, one being good?

Me back to me: Why, of course I can!

Here is an example of good consistency: Eating a healthy balanced meal for 30 days straight with the occasional cheat meal.

Here is an example of bad consistency: Eating 3 doughnuts per day for a week

Both are examples of being consistent, but only one bears positive results!

Waaah, waah, waaaahhhh — so you don’t have time between your thriving social life, fancy career, and/or family to accomplish any outside goals? MAKE TIME. Trust me, you don’t want to have any regrets throughout this short period of time we have on this planet. Making time to accomplish the things that we know will make us better or happier can only help the entire world become a more bearable place to live. So, what are you waiting for? Get up & make it happen!

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you did, please share this post with your friends, family, social media following, or anyone that you feel may benefit from reading these! Feel free to shoot me a message if you’re struggling to accomplish any goals or if you’d simply like to chat! If you’d like to donate to my blog (which I promise to utilize more), you can send some dough to $staceyjayyy via cash app! xoxo Thanks in advance, lovelies, see you next time!

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