Brand Metamorphosis


For the business owner who needs a complete brand package! Whether you've got a brand identity that needs a complete overhaul or if you're starting from the ground floor, this transformative package has everything you need to claim your dream brand! 

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You're Ready to be Booked + Busy & We're All For it!

We want your brand to thrive just as much as you do (maybe just a smidge more 😝). That's why we've created this 3-month transformational package to support you along each & every step towards building the most epic brand ever. 

Why is this the package for you?

If you're a service provider looking to invest in building a more loyal client base, increase your revenue while working less, spend more time with your loved ones indulging in the hobbies you enjoy, this offer is for you!

We'll be honest, this package isn't for business owners who are content with their position in their industry & not ready to invest In themselves + their growth. We want the best for you, so you should want the best for yourself as well, ya know?

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Taking You from Caterpillar to Butterly

This package helps service providers with brand strategy, brand identity development, web design & content strategy - allowing you to flaunt a cohesive + strategic brand. Your people will gravitate toward your professionalism with ease! Check out the phases below!

Phase 1. Brand Planning

Defining your strategy and brand goals


Phase 2. Creating your identity

All the things! Logos, brand patterns, color palette, spacing rules, fonts, photoshoot guide + more!


Phase 3. Building the digitals

This phase focuses on everything digital from your social presence to your web presence! We’ll create a content plan for you to attract your people & reel em in with a strategic + beautifully designed site!


The Deliverables


Vision Session

Brand Strategy Guide


Brand Identity Suite

Brand Style Guide

Color Palette

Font Choices + Rules

Marketing Collateral

Brand Photoshoot Guide


Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Website Strategy

SEO Optimization

Copy for 5 Pages

Launch Day Flyer

Content Strategy Session

30+ Days of Content

Custom Editable Canva Posts


Check Out Our FAQ's

Is This for Me?

Do you feel like you have an amazing offer for your dream clients but you keep missing out on quality leads because your brand isn't as fine tuned as you'd like it to be? If so, this is the package for you!

What is the Investment?

The total investment for the Brand Metamorphosis Package is $10,000. If you opt out of copy for your site, you must ensure that you have hired someone to do it for you, we will send you a fillable link to insert your copy. DIY is not recommended to lower costs - remember, a small investment will bring you a great return!

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes! For our full Brand Metamorphosis Package at $10,000, we require an initial deposit of $2,500 & 3 monthly payments of $2,500. For our Brand Metamorphosis Package without Copy at $8,000, we require a deposit of $2,000 & 3 monthly payments of $2,000.

How Long Does This Project Take?

This projects in its entirety takes 12 weeks after the initial waiting period.

What Platform Do You Use to Create a Website?

We use WIX or Showit to build our sites. The option we use depends on the needs of our client.

Do You Offer A La Cart Services?

We believe in consistent and cohesive brands as well as giving you an immersive brand experience, so we do not offer a la cart services.

Do I Need to Make Any Additional Investments?

An investment in both Brand Photography and Copy is required in order to work with us. We recommend booking a slot far into the future if you don't believe you will be able to complete your brand photography before we begin working on your Metamorphosis package. The investment of a copywriter is included in our full package if you chose that option.